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Cuban Charity
Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Just thought we would share a story of a young lady who went that 'one step further' to help out a poor, neglected and obviously starving animal, which she came across whilst holidaying in Havanna.

Angela Gardner stumbled across this poor mite whilst looking round the capital.

She did what most of us would do, she bought a tin of food and gave him what could of been his last meal.

On returning home she could not get this little chap out of her mind so she contacted charitys in Cuba trying to get help.

Eventually someone listened to her, and that someone was Les & Charlene who run a charity called Aniplant.

Aniplant, although based in Florida, help poor, neglected animals in Cuba. They alerted people based in Havanna who scoured the streets for the little mite. Luckily they found him and took him home, where he is to this day, one year on. As you can see he is a happy, healthy chap now but it could of been a totally different outcome were it not for the kindness and dedication of Angela and the Aniplant charity.

If you would like more information on the work of Aniplant the you can find them by googling aniplant project or Les regulary blogs at Running sneakers | Air Jordan